Hanoi Back Seat Motorbike City Tour

Tour program Hanoi Back Seat Motorbike City Tour, departure everyday, pick up at your place in the Old Quarter area, no extra cost. Contact now +8497 198 55 88 to get full information 

Morning tour – 8:30am-12:30pm | Afternoon tour – 13:30pm-5:30pm

Will you dare dive in the crazy Hanoi’s traffic ? The experience is definitly worth it. Get along with us for this adventure, it is the best way to feel the vibrant atmosphere that typifies Hanoi.
First the tourguide and driver will pick you up at your hotel.
They will show you the architecturals jewels of the city like the Hanoi’s oldest church, the famous French colonial style St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Then the ancient dyke wall, beautifully decorated with mosaic artworks, or the Long Bien Bridge, a magnificent structure built over a hundred years ago which spans the Red River and connects the Hoan Kiem and Long Bien districts, and provides shelter to locals living on boats underneath. Only motorbikes & bicycles can traverse, so we go!

Doing so we will navigate through the city’s iconic narrow streets, the guide will introduce you to the inhabitants lifes, and you will even be able to observe how the locals live & work, just centimetres from the train tracks. Passing by Huu Tiep Lake, we meet a fascinating elderly resident of the area who regales us with stories of the past in a 400-year-old temple. Then we will have a short walk through traditional local market streets to see the B52 crash site at the lake. This US bomber was shot down during the 1972 bombing raids of Ha Noi, a poignant reminder of recent history. There is also nature in Hanoi and one ride will bring us to to a Kumquat Farm, located in a peaceful green agricultural oasis in the city. These little trees are traditional gifts at Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, and adorn every family home, symbolising luck, health, wealth, fertility and peace.

We then jump on the Motorbike and head to our final spot,have a special light snack before taking you back to your hotel.
Let you surprise by this tour, and the spots selected by our team !

Menu Price is VND for 1 person with group tour :

Price : 500.000 VND ( 23 )


Tour guide , helmets , soft drinks on tour , experience drivers , raincoasts , vintage motorbike , pickup & drop off within Hanoi.


Food , others not mentioned above, travel insurance, tax…

Note :

Children under 6 year old free share bike with one adult ,itinerary and time of activities may vary when necessary.

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